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Unplanned Outage on Monday, September 10th, 2018

On Monday, September 10th, 2018 we suffered an unplanned outage due to a power failure in our local area. The power outage began at 5:30am and lasted through to 1:30pm EST. Unfortunately, due to an issue with our upstream internet provider, our internet service was not restored until 10:00pm EST. The outage affected all our core services including email, websites, and phone support. All services, including DNS, Web, Email, etc. have been restored to a working state.

Going forward we will be reviewing our redundancy measures as they did not function as planned. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

If you wish to discuss the matter further, please feel free to contact us.


04/01/2008 Domain Registry of America offers RoundCube Webmail with its POP3 email plans
RoundCube is built on Ajax technology and offers "enhanced interactivity" and offers a user-friendly interface alongside spell checking, message and contact list search, multiple sender identities, built-in caching for accelerated mailbox access and custom message folders.
10/01/2007 Domain Registry of America offers Premium Web Hosting Package for PHP Developers
Due to high customer demand and postive response, Domain Registry of America has launched our Premium Hosting Package. The Premium Package includes all the the benefits of the Basic Package but includes PHP, MySQL, and SSL capabilities. This package will especially benefit our developer and business clientele as it adds programming and database funtionality to their websites.
03/01/2007 Domain Registry of America introduces Free Web Hosting
Domain Registry of America now offers FREE Web Hosting for the lifetime of your domain. With any registration or transfer of a domain name, DROA will provide free webhosting for the full term of the domain. At $40/year, we are now the industries lowest price for domain registration and web hosting combined.
08/01/2006 Domain Registry of America offers low cost SSL certificates
Partnering with Geotrust allows the Domain Registry of America to reduce it cost in providing SSL certificates to its customers. As such we have now lowered our prices to $99.00 for the Quick SSL cert and $130.00 for the Quick SSL Premium cert.
05/01/2005 Domain Registry of America adds POP3 email to its list of services
Due to high customer demand, Domain Registry of America has added POP3 email as an add-on service. POP3 email allows the domain customer to use their domain to send and receive email with a POP3 compliant program like Outlook, Thunderbird, or GMail. POP3 customer can choose from a variety of plans ranging from 5 accounts to 50 accounts.
07/01/2004 Domain Registry of America launches Search Engine Submission service
To complement the domain registration and renewal sevices, Domain Registry of America launches Search Engine Submission service. We will submit your site every three months to all the major search engines including but not limited to:

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