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About Us

Who is the Domain Registry of America?

The Domain Registry of America ("DRoA") was established in January of 2001 after the deregulation of Domain Name Registrars.

Is the Domain Registry of America a government body?

No, the Domain Registry of America is a private company that acts as a Registration Service Provider. Domain Registry of America in conjunction with Brandon Grey Internet Services INC, ICANN accredited registrars, registers, transfer, and renews domains.

What happens if I don't transfer and renew my Domain Name before it expires?

For Domain Registry of America customers after your domain name has expired, it will no longer resolve to your website. This means that when someone attempts to visit your website, an error page will appear. Also, a 30 day grace begins, giving you your LAST CHANCE to renew your domain. After these 30 days expire, your domain name will be deactivated, and will become available for someone else to register. At that point, it may become difficult or even impossible to re-register your domain.

What methods of payment do you offer?

All payments are in American dollars. Payment can be in the form of personal or company cheque, draft, or money order. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex.

How much does it cost and how much did I pay before?

Our price is $35 US per year, or $60.00 US for two years.

What happens if my domain name is not successfully transferred to you?

If for any reason your Domain Name transfer to us is unsuccessful, upon request your payment will be credited back in full. Otherwise, DROA will attempt to register your domain name, upon its release, should it not be renewed with your current registrar.

Is there a difference between who I registered with before and DRoA?

No, there is no technical difference to whom you registered with and we offer comparable service at lower prices than most Registrars offer. We also offer the consumer a more efficient customer service center, and local presence for customers convenience. We are different in that we are the first Domain Registrar to offer FREE Web Hosting with the registration or transfer of your domain.

How long does it take to register or transfer and renew a Domain Name?

If you register online; once you submit your domain information the process is done within minutes. If you register through the customer service call centre; your domain will be registered while you’re on the phone. If you send in payment by mail; your domain will be registered the day we receive the mail.

What if I want to make changes to my Domain?

Simply go to our website at and click on "Manage a Domain". Once you register or transfer and renew a domain with us, you will be asked for a password which you use to enter the management page.

What is your refund policy?

New domain name registrations and completed transfer and renewals are non refundable.

Refunds for uncompleted transfer and renewals are refundable less a 10% fee.
Please see our Universal Terms of Service.
If you would like a refund, please call Customer Service and they will be glad to assist you.

Terms and Conditions


The Disclaimer can be found here.

Dispute Policy

The Dispute policy can be found here.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy can be found here.

Registration Policy

The Registration policy can be found here.

Registering a new Domain Name

What is the price for DNS Hosting Only of a domain name?

DRoA charges the same pricing structure for DNS Hosted names as for names registered with us. All other users can view a domain name price chart at our "Pricing Info" page.

What if I change my mind, or spell a name wrong. Can I get my money back?

No, all sales are final. Once a domain is registered, the registry will not refund purchases.

What does it mean when I look for a name and it is available but the software says I cannot purchase it because there is a duplicate entry?

It means the name is in another account but has not been actually purchased yet. Contact technical support for assistance, or email

How do I get more then 15 email addresses?

Please contact us at and we will assist you.

Transferring and renewing Domain Name

Where did I register my Domain Name before?

Prior to 2001 all persons or companies wanting to register a domain name had to register their domain with a company based in the United States. Now with deregulation, all persons wishing to register or transfer and renew a domain name can do so with the registrar of their choice. Deregulation has benefited the consumer by providing lower costs and better service.

Does DRoA supply a way to automatically transfer and renew my name at the end of the registration term?

Recently DRoA has set up this option as a default for all domain names. If you are not sure whether your domain name has "Auto Renew" on, go to the Domain Control Panel, in the "Utilities Box" click the link called "Set Reg-lock/Auto-Renew Options", follow the instructions given there.

Will you remind me the domain is going to expire before you automatically renew it?

Yes. An email notification will be sent 120, 90, 60, 30, 15 days prior to expiration as well as on the day of expiration. The domain name will automatically renew unless you disable the auto-renew option within 14 days. Please be sure your email address and credit card information are current to avoid unintentional domain renewals or expirations.

I hit "Purchase" by mistake. Can I cancel the renewal and get my money back?

No, all sales are final. Once a domain is extended, we can not refund purchases.

Renewing an expired Domain Name

My website went down, and when I looked at my domain name, the status says "Expired". What happened?

We send out email renewal notices 120, 90, 60, 30 and 15 days prior to expiration date as well as on the day of expiration. All communication is sent to the email address in your account, and includes instructions on how to renew your domain. If the automatic renewal option is turned off, we will not renew your domain name. If your credit card information is not current, we will send an email with this information as well, but will be unable to renew the domain until the information has been updated. These are possible reasons a domain name will expire.

I looked in my account and tried to renew the name, but cannot find a way to do this. How do I get the name renewed?

If the domain has been expired for less than 30 days, please send an email with your domain name you wish renewed, and authorize DRoA to charge your credit card for the domain renewal.

Why can't I just register the name from within my account, why do you have to renew it for me?

All registrars are allowed by ICANN to retain domain names after expiration date, and DRoA holds on to the expired domain names for 30-45 days. We need to manually reactivate the domain name for you

Is there a charge to renew expired names?

If your domain has expired and you wish to renew, the charge is $30.00 plus the registration fee.

Can I just wait and register the name later?

Yes. After DRoA releases, or "drops" the name, it is placed in a general pool and the public can purchase the name. You can at this moment register the name from within your DRoA account with no additional fees.

There is a name that has expired with a different registrar. I want to buy it. However, when I try to register it, I get an error that says it is not available. Can you help me get it?

No. Registrars are allowed to retain domain names, and some may keep the names beyond 45 days. Unfortunately, there is nothing DRoA can do to encourage another registrar to drop names that have expired. You might want to try and contact the registrar yourself, or just keep trying.

Digital (Web) Certificates

What is a Digital (Web) Certificate?

With the continuing growth of e-commerce, businesses increasingly need to facilitate secure communications with their customers and to assure their customers that those communications are indeed secure and confidential.

Web Certificates allow businesses to conduct secure, private communications with their customers and provide customers with confidence that their private information, such as billing and credit card information, will not be exposed to unauthorized parties during the course of a secure transaction.

Why do I need A Web Certificate?

You need a Web Certificate to establish secure communications with your customers, employees and partners, or any visitor to your Web site.

Web Certificates gives visitors to your Web site:
  • Proof that your company is what it appears to be (in other words, that your Web site is not being "spoofed" by a party attempting to gain access to your customers' secure information)
  • The means to communicate securely with your Web site
How can I obtain a Web Certificate?

You can obtain a Web Certificate from a Certification Authority (CA), a company that is authorized to verify your identity and provide you with a signed digital certificate.

Domain Registry of America has teamed up with, a highly regarded Certification Authority, to offer Web Certificates to its customers.

If you are interested in purchasing a Web Certificate, please click here.

How much does a Web Certificate cost?

For the most up-to-date pricing information, please click here.

How long is a Web Certificate valid?

Your Web Certificate will be valid for one year from the time that is it signed by You will need to renew it before the end of that year.

How long does it take to get a Web Certificate?

Typical processing time for is 3 to 5 business days from the time you submit your application.

How many Web Certificates will I need?

We recommend that you purchase one Web Certificate for each secure Domain Alias (also known as a host name or common name) you would like to set up for each domain name.

For instance, if you wanted to set up a secure site at the domain name, you could create the following Domain Alias:

You may want to use one Web Certificate for each Web server on which you would like to set up a Web site for For example, if you only have one Web server for, you would only purchase one digital certificate. However, if you were to set up your Web site on three Web servers, you would purchase three digital certificates, one for each server on which is set up.

To determine how many CommerceLock digital certificates to purchase for your domain name(s), please refer to the following formula:

digital certificates needed = (number of common names) x (number of servers).

How do your Web Certificates compare to other certificates on the market?

  • Our Web Certificates are 128-bit or 40-bit enabled, using the most secure level of encryption available.
  • Domain Registry of America is offering Web Certificates at one of the lowest prices for 128-bit enabled certificates on the market.
  • 128-bit enabled digital certificates use technology superior to that of 40-bit enabled certificates, providing state of the art protection against hackers.
  • Current technology allows 128-bit certificates to function as efficiently and rapidly as 40-bit certificates.

Name Servers

Can I use other name servers besides those supplied by DRoA?

Yes, you can use any name servers that you like, as long as that server is already known to Verisign Global Registry:

When I try to change my name servers, there is an error, why is this?

The name of the name servers might not be registered at the registry.

How do I get to the page to modify or alter my domain information?

You click on the domain name itself (if it is in our name servers, it is a clickable link).

How can I look at the actual zone file for my domain name if I use DRoA's domain name server (DNS) services?

The actual zone file is not available. We have provided a simple to use web based control panel that provides the same funcionality as that of a text based zone file. Once you are using our servers you will be able to see the form.

Can I have my nameservers registered?

We can register your nameservers IF the names of the nameservers are names that DRoA has registered. There are some things you will need first:

1. As mentioned above, The name of the nameserver must be a name that DRoA Inc. has registered.
2. Send an e-mail to with the nameserver name(s) and static IP address(es) as formatted below
a) -
b) -
- Replace the with the static IP addresses for your nameservers
- You can if you wish, replace the "ns1" and "ns2" with whatever you wish.


What are the terms for the parts of a domain name? (ie.

The "www" part of the address is an example of a third level domain. The "yourname" part is an example of a second level domain (SLD) and the ".com" is an example of a Top Level Domain (TLD).

What is the meaning of the term "URL REDIRECT"?

With URL REDIRECT, when someone types your domain name, for example,, we transfer them to your website and when they get there, they see the entire url path to where your website is actually hosted, for example,

What is the meaning of the term "URL FRAME"?

With URL FRAME, when someone types in your domain name, for example,, and they get to your website they only see your domain name in the browser address bar, for example,

I know what web hosting is, but what does "host a name" mean?

The term "host a name" simply means that DRoA will provide the domain name server (DNS) services for a domain name that is registered at another Registrar.

How do the contacts work? What is the difference between "Billing" and "Aux. Billing"?

There are 4 types of contacts - billing, registrant, auxiliary billing, and technical. The billing information is used to identify whose DRoA account the domain name belongs to.

How Do I Obtain My EPP Code?

If you are a current customer of Domain Registry and wish to retrieve your EPP code, please call or email us.
If you are transferring your domain to Domain Registry, you will need to obtain the EPP Key from your Registrar.

Parking Page

What is "parking", and can I "park" my domain name with you?

Parking simply means registering a name and doing nothing with it, and yes, you can "park" your domain here for free.

Are the terms "parking", "under construction", and "welcome" page the same thing?

Yes, these terms mean the same thing. At DRoA, we use the term "parking".

How do I park my domain?

First, register the name from your account information page. After the initial 24 hour waiting period following the registration, the software will automatically set up your free "parking" page.

How do I set up my DNS records for parking at DRoA?

log-in to your account. From the "My Domains" page, click on the domain name that you wish to park. For each Address entry in the Third Level Domain Information table that points to "", the Host Name and Domain Name combination will display DRoA's "parking" page. For example, if you have "www" in the Host Name column and "" in the Address column, then a user typing in "" will be shown this page.
NEED HELP? Call our support team at 1-866-434-0212